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We want to assure all our customers that our commitment to quality and transparency remains steadfast. Each and every product we supply is marked with traceable identifiers, and accompanying certificates are processed for every single item.

These traceable markings serve as a guarantee of authenticity and quality. They allow us to track the journey of each product from its origin to your hands, ensuring it meets our rigorous standards every step of the way. 

  • Furthermore, our certificates provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our products have undergone thorough quality checks and meet the necessary standards and regulations. These certificates are a testament to our dedication to delivering products that you can trust and rely on.

  • In addition, please note that all our products are produced to ISO and international DIN standards. This means that not only do we meet industry standards, but we strive to exceed them, providing you with products that are of the highest quality and reliability.

At GR8 Industries we take pride in the transparency and accountability we offer our customers. Our customers can have full confidence in the quality, safety, and authenticity of the products you purchase from us.

Thank you for choosing GR8 Industries We look forward to continuing to serve you with the highest quality products.


SANS 10307                                                        Cranes, Lifting and Suspended Equipment        

                                                                             - Support Documentation and Training

JIS B 8815/EN 14492-2/SANS 992 (draft)           Electrical Chain Hoists

SANS 1638                                                          Pneumatically Operated Chain Hoists

SANS 1594                                                          Manually Operated Chain Blocks

SANS 1636                                                          Manually Operated Chain Lever Hoists

EN 13157/SANS 1824                                         Manually Operated Beam Trolleys (Crawls) - Push/Pull & Geared

SANS 1637                                                          Reconditioned Manually Operated Chain Lever Hoists

SANS 1639                                                          Reconditioned Pneumatically Operated Chain Hoists

SANS 1640                                                          Reconditioned Manually Operated Chain Hoists

SANS 500                                                            Inspection, Examination and Testing of Manually Operated         -                                                                                Chain Blocks and Lever Hoists SANS 1592  Short Link Chain for                                                                                  Lifting Applications SANS 1599 - 1 Cranes - Part 1:                                                                                                      Cantilever/Slewing Jib Cranes SANS 10375 Overhead Cranes

SANS 189, ISO 3076, EN 818 SANS ISO 7592,

SANS ISO 3077                                                   Chain (Various Qualities)



SANS ISO 4778                                                   Chain Slings of Welded Construction - Grades M(4), S(6) and T(8) SANS ISO 7593, EN 818 - 1 & 4                          Chain Slings - Instant Assembly - Grade 8

SANS 1595                                                           Forged Steel Lifting Hooks for Use With Steel Chains of Grade                                                                                     - M(4), P(5), S(6), T(8) and V(10) EN 1677 - 1 & 4 Components for                                                                               Chain Slings Grade 8

EN 1492 - 2/SANS 94-2                                        Polyester Webbing Slings - Endless Type EN 1492 - 1/SANS 94-1                                                                               Polyester Webbing Slings - Flat Woven Type


SANS ISO 7531, ISO 2408                                   Steel Wire Rope Slings

EN 13411 - 1, 2 & 3                                              Steel Wire Rope Splicing Procedures and Terminations

EN 14502-1                                                          Man Cages (Equipment for the Lifting of Persons)

SANS 687                                                             Inspection and Testing of Non Fixed Load Lifting Attachments

EN 14492-2                                                          Electric Chain Hoists CLAMPS AND ATTACHMENTS:

EN 13155                                                             Steel Plate/Section Lifting Clamps/Magnets/Vacuum Lifters

EN 13155                                                             Steel Coil C Hooks

EN 13155                                                             Pallet Forks and Grabs

EN 13155                                                             Lifting Beams and Frames 

EN 13155                                                             Lifting Cage - Palletised Bricks  



FED SPEC RR - C - 271D                                    Shackle Lifting: Bow and Dee

BS 3032                                                               Shackle Pulling: Bow and Dee

FED SPEC FF - C - 450                                        Steel Wire Rope Clip

BS 464/FFT 276                                                   Steel Wire Rope Thimbles

DIN 580/582                                                        Eye Bolts/Eye Nuts

BS 6210/BS 6570 COP                                        For the Safe Use, Selection and Care of Steel Wire Rope Slings SANS 10296                                                        Hand Signals Used With Cranes and With Lifting and Suspended Equip. DIN 15402 - 1 & 2, UNI 9470                   Ramshorn Hooks 

SANS 10187                                                        Load Securement on Vehicles

EN 61000 - 6 - 1 & 3, EN 55014 - 1                     Lifting Magnets

SANS 19                                                              The Inspection, Testing and Examination of Mobile Cranes

SANS 10375                                                        The Inspection, Testing and Examination of Overhead Cranes SANS 10388                                                        The Inspection, Testing and Examination of Lifting Trucks  

SANS 522                                                            The Inspection, Testing and Examination Tower Cranes



South African Bureau of Standards The SABS Standards Division, publishes and distributes national standards which are known as SANS. These standards were previously referred to as SABS  Specifi cations. These standards are either compiled by technical committees of the SABS, or are sourced from International Standards Organisations such as DIN, EN or ISO, and the adopted standard is then published as a SANS. Such an adopted standard then becomes a complete implementation of the integrated standard. It is important to note that both the OHS Act and the MH & S Act require that all lifting equipment products, used in industry and on the mines, must comply to accepted or appropriate technical standards.



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