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Welding mask, face mask, hard hats and caps is used in almost every industry where there is a risk of being injured by falling objects or when working in areas with limited head space.

Leather gloves, PVC gloves, Cotton Gloves necessary for tasks that can damage hands. Wearing the proper work gloves when performing industrial tasks like handling chemicals,

Goggles and safety glasses will be required where there is a reasonable probability that injury can be prevented 

Ear plugs, ear muffs required to prevent noise induced hearing loss. Hearing protection devices reduce the noise energy reaching and causing damage to the inner ear

Safety clothing and reflective Clothing, work uniforms, overalls and conti suits for many industries and applications required where employees may be exposed chemicals, metal splashes reflective clothing is required for visibility

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Safety shoes are required where the potential for  injury to the foot may result from an employee's daily job duties. Foot injuries may occur in areas where there piercing the sole, or where feet are exposed to electrical hazards.

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