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ProSTAR Electric Chain Hoists are a hard working and durable hoists. All hoists are constructed with load supporting frames, mechanical brake which together with the motor brake provides a dual braking system to assure safety during operation. The housing is from an aluminum alloy and is light weight while providing good heat dissipation. the fully enclosed design makes this hoist suitable for applications in Foundries, Brick Yards, Abbatoirs …etc. The motor will not run if the unit is incorrectly wired. limits switch to avoid the overwinding of the chain. The control voltage is 48V to help prevent personal injury that can be cause by a current leakage of the push button control. The hook is forged in extreme heat to ensure strength and toughness. The Bottom hook swivels 360 degrees. Both the Top hook and bottom hook have safety catches. All ProSTAR Elect Chain Hoists come with overload slipping clutches to maximize safety during operation.

Pro STAR Electric Chain Hoist

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