Flexible Cable With Cross Linked Elasometric Insulation

This cable is commonly utilised for making connections to electrical equipment used in a waste-water environment and subject to medium mechanical stress. It is especially for frequency converter controlled AC drives and if considerable demands in respect of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) according to the EMC directive imposes


For an effective shielding both ends of cable must have a good shield contact to ground. For connection with 1-level frequency converter, rated output voltage max. 690 V. Owing to the various (and frequently changing) substances of which the contaminated water is made up, the cables may be used only in easily accessible areas that can be inspected (installation depth of approximately 10 m, as customarily encountered in sewage water tanks).

These cables are also suitable for use in process water, cooling water, mine surface water, rainwater and combined waste water. Under certain circumstances they can be suitable for groundwater and seawater; it is possible to impose less stringent specifications in terms of accessibility and inspection. In such cases the cables can be used at depths up to 500 m. (The water types are defined in accordance with DIN 4045 and DIN 4046). If the water concerned is aggressive or composed of special substances, the cable's resistance properties should be examined.

These cables can be used indoors, outdoors, in explosion-hazard areas to DIN VDE 0165, in fire-hazard locations, on construction sites in accordance with DIN VDE 0100 Part 704, in open-cast mining and in quarries in accordance with DIN VDE 0168, in industry and in agriculture. They can also be permanently installed, e.g. on plaster, on excavators or on hoisting gear. If they are permanently installed in protective conduits or equipment, or e.g. in well installations or are used as rotor circuit cables for motors, the cables may be operated with an AC voltage of up to 1000 V or a DC voltage to earth of up to 750 V. The permissible AC test voltage in connection with motor tests is 3 kV, the maximum test duration is 3 minutes. In other respects the specifications of DIN VDE 0298-300 apply


  • Conductor: Copper, finely stranded, class 5 in accordance with DIN VDE 0295 / IEC 60228, up to and incl. 6 mm² tinned

  • Insulation & Inner Sheath: Vulcanized rubber compound, basis EPR, compound EI7 in accordance with DIN EN 50363 (VDE 0207)

  • Screen: Braiding of tinned copper wires

  • Outer Sheath: Vulcanized rubber compound, compound EM7 in accordance with DIN EN50363 (VDE 0207)

Core Colours

Up to 5 cores: coloured in accordance with DIN VDE 0293-308 
From 6 cores: black with white numerals



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